Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Practice Post

Since I'm very excited to start the Computer Animation Arts course, I've decided to start off this new blog with a practice post to help me get the hang of Blogger again. It took me a long time to sort out a basic look for my new blog, which is similar to my old one I used for my Foundation year (just for something to start out with). I'm going to post a few things I've been working on over the summer so I can practice making posts since I seem to sometimes struggle with it, especially when I haven't used my blogs in a while. None of these are in any particular order, I just organized them in a way that I thought looked decent. I might end up deleting this post, I just wanted to remind myself how to do all of this.
Digital painting of Saruman in honor of Christopher Lee.
Speedpainting of a random dog (left), start of a digital painting of my dog from America (middle), and a marker sketch of my mother's dog (right).
A really quick life drawing, I made her arm too long but I still like this piece.
Unfinished digital painting of Daenerys Targaryen...I actually got really bored of this after I did most of the dragon's head. Not too happy with it anyway, might be the colours.

I found doodling random things on this whiteboard really fun...Breaking Bad, Bulldog, and Youtuber Sips. 
Think that's everything that's somewhat worth posting, which took me a lot longer than it should have. I forgot how temperamental Blogger seems to be sometimes especially with images. Interesting to see it because it's all a lot more light-hearted subjects compared to what I normally choose to draw. It's good to try different things though, so I'm happy with it. Now to start working on ideas for those 101 thumbnails...