Thursday, 30 June 2016

Personal Work: Animated Denoria and Transfiguration V (with buildup GIF)

It's been a while since I posted, so I wanted to show what I've been up to. I returned to my What If? Metropolis and moved a camera around Denoria and added some sun rays using After Effects. Unfortunately I haven't been able to continue work on 'Leviathan' because I am visiting my family in America but I have most of the new scenes rendered so hopefully I can finish that off when I return home in August.


I also decided I wanted to return a series of digital paintings I began over a year ago now which were inspired by Olivier de Sagazan's 'Transfiguration' performance. The rest of the series can be found on my ArtStation, which has been updated relatively recently.  I may continue working on this painting by expanding it so the arms and the rest of the torso are visible.

Transfiguration V - Final Painting

Transfiguration V - Buildup GIF

Original Sketch (from over a year ago)

Source Image