Sunday, 18 November 2018

Romeo & Juliet: Intro #1

We have recently decided on a workflow since things have been a bit up in the air with this project. It has been fun, but time is running short so we had to try and streamline it a bit. Ethan is now creating the simulations...then I get the geometry to 'decorate' via texturing and lighting. I still have the ability to edit things using MASH if I wish, though. For this intro sequence, I tried to take inspiration from my first few tests for this project, my red cone renders and my initial intro tests along with Phil's animatic.

First I worked with red cubes on a black backdrop...the texture is using the 'wax' preset and I edited the subsurface scatter to give it an organic feel. I also began working a bit with depth of field blurring to give it a more dramatic effect. I don't necessarily like working with DOF in a 'destructive' way like this, but I think it gives a nice look...and considering this is quite a raw way of working, I at least don't mind a little bit of graininess (although this is not up to me).

I later also began swapping the colours so the geometry was black and the background was red. I have no animation for this just yet, but I quite like how this looks as well. I also tried out using subdivision to turn the cubes into spheres to see how it looks. 

Romeo & Juliet: Queen Mab Tests #1 & 2

It's been a little while since I've updated my blog since things have been so busy at work. Unfortunately I have been unable to work on R&J as much as I would have liked, but I've enjoyed it while I had the time to sit down. These simulations are based off of Phil's animation for the dream/queen mab piece of music.

I used CV curves to extrude along, and then converted the NURBS object into a polygon mesh so I could then turn it into a mesh light. I created an animated colour spectrum in AE that was driven by the music that I could then plug into the colour channel of the light. These curves are created using dream data that Ethan used to create various elements for this project.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Romeo & Juliet: Spectro Tests #5

Here are a few tests inspired by the 'intro' animatic for this project. I used the 'explode' feature in MASH to break apart some cubes... for #9 I animated some of the 'distribute' settings so the fragments eventually form a ring. For #10 I focused on a closed ring of dancing shapes. For #11 I exported the simulation to an alembic cache, then imported it several times and rotated each ring +20 degrees so they create a sort of spiral. I then combined the rings into one mesh and added a flare deformer to alter it into a more wormhole-like shape. I then animated the camera so the focal length becomes more distorted and gives a dolly zoom effect. I think it's a bit too fast and chaotic, but hopefully interesting at least!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Romeo & Juliet: Spectro Experiments #4

Not a massive update here, I've been really busy at work and things have been in a little bit of a limbo at the minute. However I hope to begin having more tests up for this project once I get a better idea of what 'feel' each bit of chosen music should have...since we now seem to have our chosen segments.

For this test I essentially took my previous cone animation, exported an alembic cache, then imported it. I then flipped it upside down and adjusted the lighting. I think it looks really interesting and intimidating. I think it would look better with some depth of field as I keep mentioning, I just don't currently have the time or space to render that pass. I suppose I need to clear out my computer soon to make some space.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Romeo & Juliet: Initial Spectro Experiments #3

Things have been a bit crazy and busy juggling my new job at The Flying Colour Company, work as a UCA Ambassador and work on Romeo & Juliet. However, I finally had some time to properly put together some things I've been working on. For these tests I wanted to try changing the 'mood' of these shots a little bit since we will have different pieces of music from the sounds of it, so instead of pastel colours I went for dark shadows and bright red spines/cones.

The first experiment was a bit odd, but I thought it looked interesting...I much prefer the second test though. I may try duplicating the cones and flipping one upside down so it resembles stalagmites/stalactites. I like how it looks more hostile and alien, which may suite darker portions of music depending on the final clip selections. I think it's good to have a variety for now at least until things become more solidified!