Sunday, 8 July 2018

New Designers 2018

So New Designers 2018 is officially over and things feel especially surreal to me. While it was strange handing in my final project in May and then graduating in June... there was still New Designers looming over the horizon. Even though New Designers was stressful and nerve-wracking at times, it was an amazing opportunity and I really enjoyed experiencing it with my peers.

I met several people from the industry, other graduates/exhibitors, and families. The response I got from those that I spoke to meant so much to me. Since When is pretty experimental and abstract, I feel New Designers was going to be a real test to see if the film 'worked'. Most people said similar things - it was difficult to watch but it made them think and feel something which is exactly what I wanted. Many said they feel they have a better understanding and can relate although they may not necessarily have the same struggles I did.

I did also have some heart-to-heart conversations with individuals that have had similar experiences...which meant the world to me. All I wanted was for this film to make a difference in even one person's life...whether that be educational or for reassurance/comfort. I'm very happy and proud to see it be successful in both aspects. I also created some pins for my project to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind. This evening I donated the money plus some extra.

When has also won Judge's Choice for the New Designers Screening Prize...which I honestly did not expect! I was admittedly overthinking the fact that 3 minutes 30 seconds was missing from my film...but I'm glad it still made an impact on the judges. I am very excited I got to meet both Jez Stewart from BFI and Alex Haley from Sky and I really appreciate and value their feedback on the film. It was very emotional for me and I admittedly nearly cried. I think this is another step forward for mental health awareness and I hope it continues to make an impact in the future. I'm also extremely proud that my peer - Rebecca Stapley - was awarded the Audience Choice Screening Prize as well. A double win for CAA!

On the flip side - one of my Art Of books was unfortunately taken from the stand. It was my own fault for probably not paying enough attention...luckily I had gotten a free extra copy since one was defective. I'm trying to look at it as positively as I can - hopefully someone from the industry picked it up or at least someone who really loved the project.

Despite this setback and disliking being photographed, I really enjoyed New Designers and the amazing work that my peers and other graduates from various universities have created. I think there were many projects that discussed a variety of important topics from mental illness to the environment. I'm excited to get into the industry, create more art, and to see everyone else succeed in the future. 

Friday, 29 June 2018

Pre-New Designers 2018

Here is my film (again) with the tweaked rotting and meat shots. This also includes the updated sound design for the 'bees' entity. I'm happy with how my film has turned out with these improvements and I'm excited to see if it sparks conversations at New Designers.

I've also gotten my Art Of printed as a magazine using Issuu/Peecho. Via I printed some business cards (with rounded corners to match my Art Of design) and some larger post cards since I enjoyed collecting the post cards when I went to New Designers previously. Overall I think/hope I'm prepared for next week and I'm excited to see what happens!

When: Meat Tweak Composite

Here is the updated shot for my meat entity. I've changed it so it appears to be a little more shiny/slimy and there is a subtle pulse animation as well. This was quite tricky to put together since I decided to render out just the orb to decrease render time in order to have this ready for New Designers.

It caused me some trouble at the compositing stage because of this, but I managed to sort it out. My final edit for New Designers is now just rendering out and should be ready in time. I'm admittedly not too happy with myself that this is so last minute...but I should have everything ready.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

When: Rotting Tweak Composite

Here is the final composite of my tweaked 'rotting' shot. There is a very subtle 'pulse' animation and I also tried making it look more shiny/slimy. I'm attempting to render out my other meat shot without the room in the hopes that I can composite it on top of the original render like what I did for my 'silk' composite.

I'm unsure if this will work, but if it does I should have it done in time for New Designers due to the decreased render times. If not, then it will not be the end of the world because I think having the subtle animation added to this shot is more important and benefits it greatly as it takes up the whole frame.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

When: Possible Meat/Rotting Animation Tweaks #2

Here are some more tests of the animated 'pulse' effect for my meat/rotting entity. I actually prefer the more subtle version now because I think it's more unsettling when you start to realise that it's moving/pulsing.

Test 001

Test 002

Test 001

Test 002