Friday, 29 July 2016

The American Yoga Academy: 3D Logo

Along with some tech support and video editing, I have offered to make/animate a 3D logo for The American Yoga Academy. Once I finish making the logo, I plan on playblasting a few animation samples for AYA to select. I'll then render out a short animation that can be used as an intro for other videos they post in the future. I was told to simply put the logo on a hockey puck-like shape, but since it was established that this is not an urgent task I decided to experiment with layering textures and shaders. Unfortunately, I had to leave my computer mouse back in the UK so my mother could use it to send over the footage for my animated Denoria set after it finished rendering. Considering I only have use of the trackpad on my Mac, there is only so much I can do in Maya. However, here is what I have managed to do so far.

After I mapped out the UV's I went to go put the texture on my model. I wanted to try layering the logo on a metallic background, but when I went into photoshop to remove part of the logo I realised the image wasn't as high quality as I wanted. I decided to look at images of yin-yang symbols and stars to piece together a new, higher quality logo from scratch. I then had to experiment with different fonts to find a match to the original image, which I somehow managed to do relatively quickly.

After this, I played around with making a metallic texture and playing around with the transparency. I managed to get a decent amount done, but once it came to adding more nodes and connecting things up I struggled without a middle mouse button. However, I think once I have access to a mouse I'll be able to add an image to the reflectivity so it's not so dark. Hopefully I'll be able to connect up everything else so I have a layered texture instead of a metal coin and a floating, transparent logo.


  1. Hi Deanna. Nice to see you doing some client facing work. I noticed that you have a white/grey outline around your text in the final render. Is that intentional? If not its likely being caused by the anti-aliasing between Photoshop and Maya (the alpha is not matching the image). There are several ways to fix that but the simplest is not to have the text in your diffuse map (just have the area with the text and the stars black instead). The alpha (transparency) will cut out the text for you in the render and because there's no 'white/grey' in your image there will be no line.

    1. Yes I noticed that white outline. I admit I got frustrated using Maya without a mouse and decided to stop fiddling around with it until I had access to one. However, the client likes how it's coming along so far and thought the outline might help the text stand out more. However, it's a bit hard to determine until I put it all together, once I do I'll send it to the client and see what they think. Thank you for the advice, I'll be sure to take note just in case it's decided that the logo is better without the white outline!

  2. Ok great, glad you noticed it. It's a bit of a neither / nor situation at the moment where it's not quite a white outline nor clean black text - so boost it or lose it.