Thursday, 27 August 2015

Structure Turnaround: Geode

I wasn't planning on using this thumbnail, but after playing around with #78 I decide I wasn't that into it so I changed to a different drawing (#65). With this thumbnail I imagined it as a sort of cave when I was originally drawing it, so I decided to expand on that idea only I turned it into a geode building/structure. I enjoy collecting crystals and I always found geodes interesting to look at but I never tried drawing them. I also wanted to go more colourful than my machine and to give it a more organic feel vs. mechanical/artificial. I wanted to focus on a more fantasy theme instead sci-fi so I wouldn't get bored of it since the light bulb creature was sort of sci-fi. I've been looking at some concept art from World of Warcraft too since I've been playing Hearthstone recently and some of the artists I follow make art for those games. I really enjoy the colours used for the art in those games so that helped inspire me to create something more fantastical.

Overall I'm happy with the outcome, I found it a lot of fun to make because of the colours. Since it's not symmetrical I decided to draw both sides of the structure which was pretty difficult. I'm not used to thinking of the different points of view, I usually only think about what is visible on one side because I'm used to 2D work but I'll need to get used to considering all perspectives. I think the little chunks of vegetation add a lot to the structure for some reason, maybe it's just the extra detail. Now onto the life form turnaround.

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