Wednesday, 19 July 2017

YPGTTO: The Clarinet District - Modelling & Digital Sets

I've now finished setting up the digital sets needed for The Clarinet District. I've had to do a bit of 3D modelling to make a more detailed staircase and slide for a scene where the character Red chases Yellow up a building. Since the stairs then switch instantly into a slide, I included both the steps and the slide in this scene so they could be switched on and off.

That scene is then followed by a more abstracted aerial shot where Red is sliding down the spiral. I modelled the spiral in a way that it is somewhat of an optical illusion (the end of the spiral is further away from the camera but I also scaled it so it was smaller and looked even more distant). I also added a funnel/cone around the spiral and added some windows to create a sort of 'inside out' building.

I also finished creating the distance shot, and in this scene I used the models that I rigged for animation as the buildings in this scene are meant to squash and stretch. I also modelled an extra 'entrance platform' for this scene so Red has something to stand on and so I could place the sign somewhere that would be easily visible.

There are a few more sets that I've made for this district, which can be found on my 'catchup post' and the properly textured versions of these sets will be on the CAA/ONE blog. Now onto The Viola District!

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