Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What If? Metropolis - Wood/Dirt Texture Experiments using Crazybump

I decided to go ahead and watch some tutorials about Crazybump and then try it out with a few textures I've made. They aren't tile-able at the minute, but I plan on changing the dirt texture so it is...I'm not sure if I'll add leaves to it or if I'll try using alpha maps/channels like Jordan suggested to me the other day but I'll experiment with it. Hopefully I'll have enough time to watch some tutorials about it after I also watch tutorials to learn how to do better glass with orange/yellow highlights. I still have the library and a small building in the distance to model along with the ground but after a long day of Maya I thought it'd be refreshing to do something different before everything I see starts to look like rainbow checkerboard grids. Seeing how these quick experiments look is encouraging me to continue trudging forward with modeling and UVing.


  1. It's awesome that you are exploring new stuff, Quixel NDO is great for making normal maps as well although you have to pay for a license (you get cheap rates being a student). Good luck.