Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What If? Metropolis - Left 2 and Right building UVs

I modeled and finished the UV maps for two more of my buildings (again, I know one is mirrored and that is because it is a duplicate, I will fix this later). I reused the rings, windows, window frames and the door from my previous building which sped up the process. Some of the UVs look stretched...some of them are, but it was the best I could get them because of the organic shape (I also checked with Simon to make sure they were ok). While some of the squares appear to be distorted from one angle, they aren't in another because of the the places they are actually stretched I can hide/adjust my texture in Photoshop to fix (I hope).

Different angles (I know the seam is visible in these images) so its easier to see the shape/why some squares seem distorted.

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