Sunday, 17 June 2018

Bullion: Swamp Stage Assets #1

Over the last few weeks I've been working with Leda Entertainment to create assets for their indie game Bullion. I have never modelled for games before but I skimmed over the tutorials online, looked at the assets other team members have made, and asked them for advice. I had a go at making some models for their Swamp level such as cattails, bushes, grasses/reeds, a waterfall, and trees to start with. The tree still needs work - I need to add more branches for some additional variation. 

I'm sure overall there are things I need to fix, but I'm having other team members check over the models as I work on them. I tried to recycle assets where I could to try and ensure I was creating the models correctly. Only some of these assets are UV mapped since I wanted to check with the team if they were modelled properly for Unity (so far they've said the models work fine). I've put on temporary shaders for now to show what the textures may resemble later on. I think learning how to create some low poly games assets may be useful in the future.

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