Friday, 25 September 2015

Intro to Autodesk Maya: Block Modeling

I really enjoyed this tutorial and found it slightly less difficult than the previous one. I nearly lost all progress I made on it when I finished making the decorations for the handle because my files got all messed up. Luckily I just backed up everything on my external HD that morning so I only had to redo the spheres on the side, the handle, trigger and the spheres on the handle instead of the whole thing. Before that I didn't back anything up for a while so from now on I'm definitely going to make sure I back things up regularly.


  1. A valuable lesson learnt - SAVE SAVE SAVE!!! :D
    Looking good!

    1. Yeah, definitely lesson learnt...I'm just happy I didn't lose everything or something way more important

  2. Ah it looks awesome, well done.
    Agree with Jackie, just back up at the end of the day, it will save so much hassle.