Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Thumbnails #127-140

I tried out thumbnails of a few other cities I haven't explored much. Please excuse the blurred left side of the images, that is because of how the pages curve into the spine...it makes the scanned image look a little fuzzy.

Ersilia (top) and Esmeralda (bottom)

Moriana (top) and Thekla (bottom) 

Anastasia (top) and Diomira (bottom)



  1. number 136 looks really nice I can imagine a city with kites littering the sky every time I look at it and you have defiantly got this thumb nailing down you should try blocking out a couple of these it can some times lead you to new ideas

  2. oh and number 129 has a very good forced perspective kind of pops as if the viewer was walking across the bridge

    1. Thanks! 129 I was trying to make it look like the viewer was on the bridge, I'm not good at perspective (well...I'm lazy with it) so I'm happy it turned out the way I intended