Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Personal Work: Vanessa Ives WIP Update (Buildup GIF + Before/After GIF)

This painting is still not completed but I wanted to post an update to show my progress. I've been taking my time with this painting now, even though originally it was just going to be a practice speedpainting. I'm quite happy with how it's turning out considering I usually draw an outline first but this time I tried something different. I wanted to include a buildup GIF of what I've made so far to show how I started painting it upside down to get the basic shapes. I then slowly fixed the proportions, built up the details and then began to smooth out the painting and blend everything.

Even though the face isn't complete yet, I decided to refine the chest area. I painted over the necklace I roughly blocked in at first because I figured it'd be easier to later redraw the scorpion/necklace on a new layer later on. I began to repaint the necklace, which is obviously far from being complete. Once I finish the necklace I'll continue to work on the face, hair and dress.