Sunday, 26 February 2017

Adaptation B: Audio Wave Node Test #2

For this test I decided to use the wave deformer. I'm not quite sure how I'm liking the results since they are often either too extreme or they do nothing and I'm not quite sure how I'd work this into my project but I'm trying to not overthink it and to just keep experimenting. It may be interesting how this may work with attaching the Audio Wave node to some particles. I have an old file from last year where I have a plane dissolving from the center so maybe I'll try saving a version of that and experimenting with it. I've still been unable to get these to render properly, it'll either show up as a blank image or the first frame will have one shape, the second will have a different one, but after that all of the spheres are the same shape instead of always changing so I'm not quite sure how to fix that just yet.



  1. Hi Dee. Try plugging into a rig instead of an object. For example the rotates / translates of a joint (shoulder, spine, etc). You can also script the input so some work in reverse (using a "-") or use a multiply/ divide node to amplify or reduce the results by using multiplication or division.

  2. oooh, I like the glitchy, shuddery-ness of this - and always exciting to see dissolving things too! :)