Friday, 9 September 2016

@Phil - Portfolio Test Post

Initial Thumbnails
Bacteria Sharing DNA Concept Art
Leviathan Concept Art (Top) and Leviathan 3D Model (Bottom)
Kelp Forest Concept Art Buildup
Bacteria #1 Orthographs
Leviathan Maya Model Buildup
Custom Texture/Normal/Specular Maps

Space Station Initial Thumbnails
Space Station Concept Art
Protagonist Colour Tests
Protagonist Costume Tests
Guard Concept Art

'Compass' Storyboard Panel Selection
Click Here for the 'Art Of Compass'.

Tree Thumbnails
Denoria Concept Art
Denoria Concept Art Buildup

Denoria's Library Orthographs

Denoria Digital Set
Digital Set Buildup

Argia Concept Art - External Establishing Shot
Argia Concept Art - Exterior Establishing Shot Buildup
Argia Concept Art - Exterior Low Angle Shot
Argia Concept Art - Exterior Low Angle Shot Buildup
Argia Concept Art - Interior Establishing Shot
Argia Concept Art - Interior Establishing Shot

***This is everything I thought would be good to show...I was thinking about having a 'personal work' section and including a few paintings such as my Eddy Portrait, Giacometti Painting,  Transfiguration V, Vanessa Ives (when completed) and a few others. However, I'm not sure if it'd be better to just stick to project work or not. Either way, let me know how this is and what I should change/fix/add/remove.***


  1. Hey Dee - apologies for getting to this a bit late... it's a rather busy time of year! First instincts is you need to go down the 'less is more' route here. I'd only include your Commission project and your WIM project (including animation render) and I'd use the embedded Art Ofs to make a lot of content available to viewers, but giving them the choice as to how much they browse. There's a sense of things feeling a bit clutter on here: if you think of WIM as the embodiment of your production design pipeline, and FV as the embodiment of your animation pipeline, I think there's more than enough content there to satisfying someone looking for an intern candidate :)

    1. That's alright, I understand...sorry if I was being too pushy! That makes sense, I'll duplicate this post and make those changes and maybe just include some links on the bottom to the other projects if they want to go look.