Wednesday, 14 September 2016

@Phil - Portfolio Post Edited

***I've removed the other projects and I've added in a thing or two and rearranged a few things in hopes that it shows the process/pipeline better. I've also added a little section at the bottom that provides links to other parts of my blog. If this post is ok, I'll rename it, remove this text, and update it but if anything else should be changed, moved, or added/removed let me know and I'll fix it then repost till it's alright. ***

Fantastic Voyage

Leviathan Thumbnails
Bacteria Sharing DNA Concept Art
Leviathan Concept Art (Top) and Maya 3D Model (Bottom)
Kelp Forest Concept Art Buildup
Leviathan Storyboard Panel Selection
Bacteria #1 Orthographs
Leviathan Model Buildup
Custom Texture/Normal/Specular Maps
Art Of Leviathan by Deanna on Scribd

Denoria Digital Set
Denoria Tree Thumbnails
Denoria Concept Art
Denoria Concept Art Buildup
Denoria's Library Orthographs
Denoria Production Art
Digital Set Buildup
Concept Art and Digital Set Comparison
Art of Denoria by Deanna on Scribd

To see more please visit my blog homepage, click on the titles above, or click on the following links to see my other projects such as: Invisible Cities, From Script to Screen, Soundscape, Animation & Character, and some of my personal work.


  1. I think you could be braver - just the video for Leviathan and the Art Of and just Denoria Video + final render + Art of - essentially the stills are repeated content and lack context floating outside of the pipeline. People will browse if only give them the option to browse. What do you think?

    1. Fair enough that makes sense. Suppose I'm just worried that they may opt to not look at the art of or something like that. At the same time it would make them browse since it's the only option...guess I'm just concerned they won't for some reason.

  2. Hi Dee - I'm writing a comment here and not on your portfolio post; I suggest you take the 'comment' option off your portfolio post, as you don't need it to function in this way.

    Meanwhile - I present to you your mentor-ees...

    Would you please take the following students under your guidance:

    Karolina @
    Polly @
    Maddi @

    Much appreciated :D

    1. Okay will do. And I shall write to them and let them know ^_^