Thursday, 27 October 2016

Character: Female Ferret Thumbnails #37-42

After further refining my story yesterday I've decided to go back to some of my thumbnails and make them look for feminine for my female ferret character.

After I made the first three I also decided to go back and readjust parts of the drawing (I made it in Illustrator so I was able to move around and adjust the points) to see what slight variations I could make such as larger eyes or smaller feet. I quite like how these are looking, and I plan to experiment with a scruffy male ferret character and a male guinea pig as I am undecided which one I am choose yet. I will also begin doing some thumbnails of the human child that picks up the two animals and crams them into a pet carrier/something similar.


  1. nice, Dee - very feminine and clean.

  2. Awww she is precious! I love 42 she looks fierce yet elegant :D

    1. Thank you ^_^ yeah I think 42 is my favourite out of this bunch