Friday, 21 October 2016

Pikatti: After Effects Shadow Test (Using Zombie from 2D Character Rigging Tutorials)

For this test I decided to use the zombie from the 2D Character Rigging Tutorials because this is how we plan on making our animation. After I followed a video online guiding me on how to make the shadows in After Effects I made a few changes on my own which include reducing the opacity a bit more because I thought the shadow was too dark and adding a blur to it. I also added a film grain over the whole thing just to make it look a little less clean.

I apologize if the animation looks a little odd, I just wanted to make it quickly to test the shadows and I'm still struggling with Extension 2 on my computer so I had to use Extension 1. I wasn't sure if this would mess up the blend shapes or not, but in the outliner I still see the pose interpolator shapes (screenshot at the bottom) and the model didn't seem to collapse too badly so I had a difficult time telling if they were still working or not.

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