Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Ideas (Environment/Neutral Position) and Environment Influence Map

I brainstormed a few more ideas regarding both the environment of my animation and which characters are the good/bad guys. For me, I feel a neutral position between the bacteria and antibiotics is what I want since bacteria don't go out to murder humans...however, I'm unsure if this is a good idea in terms of story telling. Feedback regarding this would be appreciated, along with if my bacteria thumbnails are still too cute or if they look 'bad' enough (I think the ones with spines are good, maybe I'll go back and add more/change up the eyes/add claws/teeth).

For the environment, I'm looking at having a microscopic environment like in a droplet of water, with things in the distance moving about all blurred. I'm not sure how I'd animate this, if I could make a layer where it's a 2D animation or if I could somehow have a blurred watery looking microbe environment in the background. I'll include a few links to thinks I've read about antibiotics in water along with a video. Again, any feedback would be appreciated.


  1. I think, in storytelling terms, neutrality is a mistake - that is, if you're trying to engage audiences quickly. If you're trying to show how antibiotics change bacteria, and you're trying to make us feel some sympathy for the bacteria, then this is certainly counter-intuitive, because in real, practical ways, bacteria is indeed 'the enemy'. You're basically telling a story about resistance - which implies some kind of conflict. What does your audience need from your framing of this info? Sounds to me as if you're moving into a kind of philosophical/ethical territory (i.e. bacteria have feelings too!)... but is this helpful to your cause in any way? Discuss!

    1. yeah I began to feel as though it might be working against me, I may begin using previous thumbnails of the bacteria and begin to make them look more monstrous