Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Thumbnails #41-54

Since I think I've decided on a basic story for my animation, I decided to explore what some scenes could be. I've also drawn the rose and a thorn, I'm not sure if this'll be part of my animation but I think incorporating it would be a nice sort of Easter Egg if people know that the Penicillin was first used on a man who was infected by a rose thorn (or maybe I'll incorporate it in the narration/text in my animation). I also wanted the rose to be the same colour as the antibiotic liquid (the rose is dying, the antibiotic isn't working anymore) but maybe the rose being dead is making it a little too sinister since I want the bacteria to still look kind of cute...but at the same time maybe that shows that bacteria aren't really out to be killers they're trying to just survive and evolve? I think the colour of the antibiotic works because it looks like poison.

Anyway, thumbnails #42 and #53 are meant to show different bacteria exchanging DNA, #43 and #49 are supposed to show DNA from dead bacteria being picked up, #44 and #48 is to show how the bacteria 'pump', 'spit out' or evade the antibiotic, #45 and #51 is meant to be the bacteria fighting/using enzymes to defeat the antibiotic, #52 shows the bacteria mutated and can no longer be targeted, #50 is the surviving bacteria dividing, #41 shows different species of bacteria, #54 shows how the antibiotic kills/messes with the metabolic pathways, and #46 and #47 are obviously of the rose concept. I felt the need to explain the thumbnails just in case they weren't clear.

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  1. 44 and 48 remind me of Courage the cowardly dog. Super cute.