Saturday, 27 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Ideas for 3 Acts and Other Thoughts

As I've been making thumbnails I think I've come up with some sort of 3 act structure for my animation. Longer descriptions will be below, but the basics would be Act 1 explains how we used to be vulnerable to infections, introduces information about bacteria (along with introducing the characters) and introduces information about antibiotics (along with the object/character that represents the antibiotic). Act 2 goes into how bacteria are now becoming resistant (mutations, exchanging DNA, changing the antibiotic's target, etc.). Act 3 explains how soon, we might again be vulnerable to bacteria because of how quickly they evolve.

At the moment I think I need a more solidified idea of what the antibiotic might be, I might make it look similar to my bacteria but more fluid in its movement (so it's a similar sphere shape only no spines or tail and its more mushy when it moves like a liquid). I'd also have it a different colour, maybe have it be smaller than my bacteria, and possibly have it come out of a capsule. To keep my animation from looking to CG, I'm thinking I might model my bacteria character(s), my rose, and antibiotic in maya but I'm considering making the backdrop using 2D animation (sort of like in Spore). I think this would add an interesting, moving matte painting element to it, I thought of this idea because I was looking at some microscopic seashells and cells/bacteria/petri dishes under the microscope and I think it'd give an interesting feel of a fluid/tiny environment filled with moving creatures.

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