Monday, 7 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Possible 3 Acts and Relating Influence Maps

Here are some ideas for my 3 acts regarding the narration. I've included some influence maps of what sort of things I want going on during these acts/the themes of the acts. Typing it out, I don't feel as though I'd be limited to doing the 'Here Be Dragons' map style (in my opinion). I feel if I go more realistic and scary in my designs compared to my previous ones, it might have a nice effect too. I found this animation, which is sort of similar to the feel/atmosphere/look I thought about while typing up the narration...this is the sort of feel/look I wanted to go.

I like the idea of a sort of under the creepy atmospheric animation like the one above, I also understand why the map style might still work better...maybe I should just thumbnail both ways to show what I mean more clearly. Hopefully the influence maps help with understanding what might be going on in the scene, but the style of the images don't necessarily reflect what I'm going for...just the basic ideas/themes if that makes sense.

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  1. Great clarifying post, Dee - and already I like the immediacy and the panicky quality of the narration outlines - and you're right - you don't need the map aesthetic - you need a bit of this!

    Okay - so not the screaming and the dying obviously, but that sense of being 'at risk' from something we're not quite able to see yet (in Act 1). And yes, in terms of design, I think something more suggesting, more menacing and in terms of scale, something monstrous! Enjoy yourself - oh, and also, I'd suggest getting stuck into a very quick animatic-style of working out whats on screen and when - a 'thinking out loud' animatic. When you've put together more of a script, send it my way - even if it's not much more than what you've got here.