Thursday, 10 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Pitch Animatic w/ Subtitles and Updated Script

I've gone back and added subtitles to hopefully fix the timing on my animatic so I can now add narration and sound effects to it along with some music as long as I have time after finishing some concept paintings. I've also updated my script so it matches up with my storyboard/animatic. 


  1. Hey Dee - okay - a few nit-picks - you've got some typos: *scavenge* and *that we've still got time*

    The phrase should be 'scare story' not 'scary story' - 'scare story' is used in the press to describe a health-related news-story that is sensational in tone.

    In term of timing, I think you need to hold back the 'we're only making them stronger' from the image of the dead bacteria floating upwards, as the script and the image contradict each other. I'd ensure we were looking at the dead bacteria just after the 'we think we can kill them with our poisons' - fade that out to black, which is when we hear 'We're only making them stronger' and then continue with the 'See..' section.

    1. Right, will go fix those things! I think I automatically put 'scary-story' for some reason...I also really wish that Premiere Pro pointed out bad.