Thursday, 10 March 2016

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: The Leviathan Animatic Progress II

The timing needs to be worked on a bit I think, but I'm going to start working on adding some sound effects, but I was wondering if I should add subtitles or annotations for the narration, if I should leave it without subtitles to not block any of the images and present the narration using my script/3 acts, or if I should do a version of both for the pitch?

* Update*I might be getting Joe to do some narration for me, so that question is more for if I'm unable to get a recording tomorrow. I know I can do it myself too, I'd just prefer not to because I don't think my voice would work well but if that's a better option than subtitles or just presenting a script (and if I can't get anyone else to do it) I'll obviously suck it up.


  1. get a voice over on this, Dee, whatever happens - it's key to what you're trying to achieve!