Monday, 7 March 2016

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: Script Draft I

I'm not sure if my Leviathan was too hidden in this or not, but I just wanted it hinted at but maybe it should be shown more or be present in more scenes? I tried to get his presence just by his shadow and noises until the end where his eyes and teeth are seen. I'm also debating if I want some cells floating about too so the more mutated bacteria can be ripping them apart in the end instead of the kelp fronds if that'd make more sense (my idea with them ripping the kelp is that the kelp is part of your body). I tried to space out the dialogue and the scene descriptions the best way I could to have them make sense...I'll aim to get a rough animatic made in either Flash or Photoshop tomorrow to make it a little more clear for either this script or a new script. Also, there are a few notes/comments that are at the bottom.

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  1. Hey Dee - you're motoring now :) Okay, if you're happy for me to take a look at the script - a bit of polishing - send it via email as a word doc :)