Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Sea Monster Bacteria and Leviathan Thumbnails #138-147

Since it's been a while since I've drawn traditionally (excluding life drawing) I thought doing some pen sketches might help me create more creepy bacteria designs. I think adding extra lines for wrinkles/creases, spines, and scales help add a feeling of evil to them.

I know they're quite detailed, so I was looking at the video I posted in my previous post and it sort of reminded me of paper cut-out style animation. I think that could work with the kelp forest if I made a layered environment in Maya using planes, so adding on detailed textures to the bacteria would be more simple and I could add even more of the kelp forest using After Effects. I'll add a few videos to explain the type of animation I mean along with the previous animation from my last post, where everything is 3D but sort of still looks 2D/flat because you don't see it rotating around, it looks as though objects are sliding around on a table. Some of these animations are obviously all in 2D but it's just trying to show what I mean.

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