Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Adaptation A: Animation Progress #1

After finishing up the assets, organising the images, and cleaning up my After Effects file I was able to begin animating. Some of the animation I've been doing on my own while some others I've been using a free plug-in called Animation Composer. If I use Animation Composer, I go back in and change some of the settings. This is only a small portion of my animation, and I hope to get the majority of the animation done tomorrow if not all of it. I've begun to realise how long this may take to render due to the amount of effects I have such as film grain, opacity/position wiggle animations, and multiple layers of fractal noise to give different effects. I will also have more animation for my assets, lightning, and a blood splatter so I'm trying to be wary of render time so I can be as productive as possible.


  1. Looking good so far Dee, might be nice to vary up how the tools are revealed just to add some extra depth. Good job :D

    1. I've started doing that now, looks more interesting now I think ^_^