Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Adaptation B: Possible Project Outcome, VR Research & Unity

After my tutorial today I was able go to away and find some more information about Unity, which will probably be part of how I make my animation for VR. I'm not quite sure how to use Unity, but I'm hoping that if I go to visit the VR studio at the UCA Canterbury campus, I'll get some pointers. I'll also begin looking at Lynda.com for any videos along with any information on the Unity website about how to use it and how to create VR. Luckily, Unity is offered as 'Personal' for free, so I've already downloaded it. Depending on how all of this works may change the outcome of my project but I hope that I will be able to still continue with my idea of creating something in VR. At the moment, I think I hope to produce some storyboards suited for VR, environment/creature designs, tests in VR, and anything else I can accomplish during this time. I also plan on doing the Lighting & Rendering tutorials along with at the very least a portion of the Games Modelling tutorials, although this may change once I learn what I'd need to create something in VR. I found a few useful links and books in regards to VR creation, Unity, and storyboarding for VR.


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