Monday, 13 February 2017

Cone of Cogency: Woman as The Witch

Things are still a bit jumbled and I'm sure there are bits and pieces I could/should strip away but this is what I have at the moment for my structure.


  1. This looks pretty coherent to me: I'd suggest that as part of Chapter 2 (and as related to 'the abject') you consider Freud's essay 'The Uncanny'. In really simple terms, Freud characterises the unease triggered by something experienced as 'uncanny' is the 'returned of the repressed' - it is the horror of the familiar (something once known or feared, which has been buried, returning to the surface); you could make the argument (as others have) that men experience women (and their genitals, for example) as 'uncanny' because they are being confronted with something they've repressed - birth/the womb/the sense they were once 'inseparable' from something so 'alien' to them now. Sorry to get graphic too, but if you look at some of the terrible slang men use for female sex organs ('axe wound' for example - I know, horrible!) then you see how it's associated with mutilation and some kind of amputation: castration anxiety therefore is arguable another reason why the woman is 'other' and 'monstrous' because you might argue she represents a man with a mutilation.

    Anyway... I saw this article and thought of your enquiry:

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to bookmark that link, from what I've read of it so far it has some relative and interesting points ^_^