Saturday, 4 February 2017

Adaptation A: Bathtub Thumbnails (Clean/Grungy)

Here are a few bathtub thumbnails I've made for my infographic, I wanted to focus on some old fashion/gothic/victorian style bathtubs for my designs. Most of them are clawfoot tubs but I also wanted to include one that was slightly different as I felt that maybe something that was less fancy would make more sense for what my infographic is about. I also wanted to include some designs that were more grimy, so perhaps I could have the bathtub show up clean in the 'what you will need' portion of the video but when the body is in the tub waiting to be shocked back to life, I could have it be more dirty. I'm not quite sure which one I prefer the most, I think I'm leaning more towards #29/#33 and #30/#34. I can also mix and match the bottom clawfoot pieces onto different tubs as I made them on separate layers.

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