Thursday, 9 February 2017

Adaptation A: Sound Design Progress #2

I've decided to add in a few extra sound effects to my animation as I returned to my files to edit the volume and positioning of some of the clips. I added an extra popping sound effect when the Periodic Table appears, which I think helps improve that part of the animation. I also added in a scream sound effect to accompany the blood splatter, which I think works nicely. I've also gone back into After Effects and fixed a few issues with my animation that I noticed - most notably a problem where my monster's head appeared darker than his body during one of the fading out transitions. I'm not quite sure why this happened as it only appears in some of my compositions in After Effects, but adding some brightness keyframes seems to have improved/fixed this.


  1. just dropping by to say I think you can lose the 'because' on the 'because they are the most conductive' - it's obvious that's what you mean and 'They are the most conductive' is pithier - I would take a look at your text and see if you've got other places where you've got a little word in there you don't really need :) Looking forward to seeing this completed - I suspect you're having fun :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I went back and changed some of the words. I realised that I forgot to swap 'metal rod' for 'lightning rod' and I changed around a few other words too.