Sunday, 31 December 2017

Minor Project: Dissolve 001-005

Today I worked a bit on what I may do for "When I see hospitals I smell bleach". It was suggested to me to consider what bleach itself does and some of its qualities - it cleans but in a harsh way. It is strong and potent, I feel that the smell of bleach lingers in my lungs for a while after being around it (more of this is discussed in my word maps). I had a look of how I could create an effect of dirt/grime dissolving away to reveal something smooth and perfect underneath. For now I just used rust and metal as I am focusing on the actual effect rather than the textures at the moment. I decided to try a few effects using After Effects since I think it may be useful to avoid using particle effects in Maya if I can so I don't complicate things unnecessarily. This test the orbs are stationary, so the results may be different if the orb is moving around and morphing.

I used a combination of the CC Particle Systems II effect and the Turbulent Displacement effect (I found this tutorial which gave me a good starting point). I also used a bit of the Texturise effect to add some extra detail where needed. Once I animated the emitter for the particles and adjusted some of the settings, I used some expressions (such as wiggle and index) to add some more randomness. I made sure that the particles emitted less than I wanted because I then duplicated the layer a few times as the wiggle and index expressions would be different on each layer, so it would add more variation. I then animated a mask on my rust orb so it would disappear and reveal the clear metal orb underneath as the particles moved across the object. I'll need to see how this works using a moving orb, but I quite like the results so far.

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