Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Character Design: Knights

Today we were given characters from various shows and films and asked to manipulate their proportions to change their look. I got Jafar from Aladdin so I played around with making him fat, stocky, tall, muscular, and even more tall/thin. I began drawing some images of his face too in order to play around with the proportions of his face but before I had much time to do that we moved onto a different exercise.

We were each given some sort of character such as wizards, ninjas, vikings, and so on so we could create different characters with different personalities based on their body shape. I got knights, and although I didn't make all 3 characters I quite like the protagonist female knight and I started making her strong and bulky sidekick/protector. My idea was that she was the hero, that she was fast and nimble so her armour wasn't heavily plated. In contrast, I wanted the sidekick to be bigger, bulkier and be heavily armoured so he was less mobile but more like a shield. I really enjoyed this exercise even though I didn't finish it. I learned that it really helps to figure out where the joints/hips/chest/skull are and their size/shape, it really helps figure out what the character is like.

Female Knight Hero

Strong Knight Sidekick

Jafar Body Shapes

Jafar Body Shapes

Jafar body shape/starting to explore Jafar's face.

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  1. The tall version of Jafar! He gives completely different feeling. More creepy and malicious!