Friday, 29 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Gun Thumbnails #38-56

I've never drawn guns before but I found making these silhouettes really enjoyable. I eventually decided to try out some more rounded shapes on my guns instead of just straight lines/squares. In my opinion these more rounded shapes match the sci-fi feel more than the blocky ones and would fit into my world more (the space station is a round shape along with the Compass and probably my Protagonists costume depending on how I design it).  Out of these I think #38, #55, and #56 are my favourites. This is because they have a more sci-fi feel in my opinion but also have sharp edges which make them look more sinister (these guns are for the evil guards so it'd make sense that they don't look friendly).

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  1. When it comes to something like a gun for a character, it does help to know a little about how guns work. If you're going for a sci-fi route then consider laser guns which will give you a little more artistic freedom. But i suggest you nail down the aesthetic of your bad guys before working on their guns, it will help you a lot in working out how their weapons look.