Tuesday, 12 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Expanding Some Ideas

After looking back at all of my brainstorms, I chose three ideas to quickly expand on to see where they could go and if I could make an Act I, II, and III out of them. I also considered if this could be done effectively within a 1-2 minute animatic. So far, I think the idea of mind-controlling computer implants is one of my better ideas and is capable of getting across to an audience effectively in a short animatic.

I also quite like the idea of the blind alien/robot... but that might be too ambitions for a 1-2 minute animation. I suppose that depends on how detailed I make it and what shots/imagery I used... but I think I might risk not being able to get things across to the viewer.

As I tried looked into the idea of a robot trying to find his master in an airport-like space station I found it somewhat difficult to expand on and make interesting but I still quite like it. I think it could possibly work well too. However, right now I'm definitely leaning towards the 'computer chips controlling alien citizens' idea, especially since there are a few options for various components of the story (for example, if the guards are controlled too or not, if the protagonist dies or not, etc.) and I think I can get it across within the 1-2 minute slot.


  1. I like idea 1 the most! I like the idea of lots of different species commuting, I've got that scene with all the train stations from wreck it Ralph in my head!

  2. I think all these ideas have potential. I like the first idea, because it's like a different perspective of the way the real world goes and is being controlled. I think that if the Protagonist frees everyone would be rather disappointing ending. What if he is selfish and instead of a hero, he is an anti-hero type like in Mad Max. He is driven by his selfish reasons, but we like him for that. What if there are few people "glitched" and they all want to escape using the 'special compass' that could lead them to their dream land. But they are basically criminals, because they are free minds who broke their connection with the perfectly organised world. This kind of society cannot have free minds! So they try to escape while being chased and I think it could get quite intense, question is - can you show something like that for 1-2 max minutes?

    The second idea is also good, but what if you use this blindness in a different way. Let's say this robot is an alien-pirate and he has this special compass leading him through the depth of space to planets of great treasures. He is a tyrant and when he wants something he gets it! So maybe there is another character who makes him 'open' his eyes or rather 'see' with them something he hasn't realised till now...

    Just brainstorming. :) My imagination went wild :D but the ideas are good!