Thursday, 14 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Story Idea #2 with Influence Map

Since I feel that the story about the race of aliens who are controlled by computer chips works the best, I decided to have a more in-depth look. It's mostly asking questions, trying to figure out parts of the story. I think I have an idea for some of these questions at least. Some I'm not so sure yet, and obviously I'm not 100% this is my final idea so feedback regarding this story or suggesting new ideas is welcome. I feel as though some of the questions/details that I'm wondering about aren't necessary for the animation so some of them I might push to the back of my mind for now since this is just a 1-2 minute animation.

After thinking about what I've written and the questions I was asking, I feel as though I'm leaning towards the space station being a clean almost office-like environment. Kind of like someone is trying to make the most perfect and orderly society to ever exist, I just don't feel a more gritty looking station would match. I'm thinking that maybe the aliens that are being controlled are one species while the baddies are another, I'm just not sure if the guards will be controlled too or not so they may have the same body shape as the rest of the visible aliens. I was thinking maybe the baddies are ugly and weak so they are jealous of the species they now control who are clever/strong/beautiful? Maybe they are so smart they started using technology to augment themselves therefore allowing the baddies to develop the 'Compass' to take control and use them as slaves?

In my head I imagine that to escape one would need to have a really strong will, therefore the protagonist would need to be a strong, smart character. Unfortunately that would also make trying to free the others useless so the main character isn't really selfish for leaving them behind...I also think I'd want my character to be female. I imagined a 'her' with a rebellious, dominant personality and that she has escaped from her Compass in the past but was recaptured. I also think the guards would have lethal weapons as the alien slaves could be disposable, there could be certain aliens being sent to breeding planets so they don't need to worry about killing some by accident. Due to her ability to escape from Compass I don't think she'd be a breeder (maybe to prevent offspring from having the ability to escape too?) but something else, maybe a scientist or soldier. If she's tried to escape before I imagine she'd probably have some sort of plan and would probably have scars from when she was recaptured? Or lost a limb or two and has robotic ones?

I'm not sure how she'd get caught or noticed, maybe she just pauses or something like that. Or everything happens really fast... she realizes she is free and the guards realize almost at the same exact moment so its just a fast action scene. I also think I want her to survive and escape. I quite like the idea of her blending back into the crowd and escaping through a portal but I'm not quite sure if I like that or the escape pod more. Sorry for the long, wordy post!

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  1. You really gave it a lot of though, but after reading this I actually have thousands of questions about the story, not the environment. It sounds interesting, don't get me wrong.

    About the story I wonder how does he/she gets glitched? Also for me it would make sense that the guards are mind-controlled as well. I imagine it as if these chips re-programme the aliens into doing their specific duty in their community. As you say one is farmer, other military and so on and so on. I'm not sure if it's relevant to know where they are being sent to if you are not going to use it in your story. And I like the idea of the aliens being so advanced they are like cyborgs and it would even make sense to be controlled. I mean if it has something that can be programmed it would be easier, wouldn't it?