Thursday, 7 January 2016

From Script to Screen: 'Like-For-Like' Storyboard Segment - Mad Max Fury Road

For the 'like-for-like' storyboard segment I really wanted to do something from Mad Max since I've been slightly obsessed with it the last few months. For some reason, I really love it. However, I know most of the film has a lot of action, cars (which I've never drawn before) and explosions. Luckily I remembered a few scenes where there wasn't a ridiculous amount of action, one being when Immortan Joe realizes that Furiosa took his wives.

I only did a small portion of the clip as it took a while, I've never done a storyboard before so I wanted to be sure I was doing it right (I'm probably overthinking it, but I like to be sure). I really enjoyed making this as I didn't draw much since last term ended excluding a few doodles and what we've done do far this week in life drawing and character design. I found it a lot of fun figuring out what parts should be drawn and where/when there should be arrows and trying to decide what was important to be included/what could be left out. I'm not sure if I put too many details or too few but I think I got too into drawing vs making a storyboard at times. If I did anything wrong or if I should add more to it or if there's anything else I should know, feel free to comment to tell me.


  1. Nice :D I have never seen Mad Max...I should watch it shouldn't I XD

    1. I (obviously) really enjoyed it...I can see why some people don't since the film is more about other characters vs Mad Max himself. It's just something about the setting that appeals to me I suppose.

  2. MAD MAAX! Really enjoyed the way the story was given.. on the road, with so much intensity and in all this movement, the characters were still nicely developed. Not fully, but enough to get you into the moment!

    Nicely drawn!