Sunday, 10 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Brainstorming #3

After receiving feedback on a previous post, I took some time to think of a few other ideas for my story. Any feedback or ideas would be appreciated on which ones (if any) work well including the one from my previous post. I'm trying to avoid cliché while using the sci-fi genre to my advantage to think of something unique. I'm finding this somewhat difficult since I'll come up with an idea and think it's like Alien, Star Wars, Dead Space, and a load of other games/films.

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  1. so, just noting down here our earlier conversation:

    so, a sort of 'Tin Man' scenario, in which the alien is lacking 'orientation', or a sense of place or an identity and the 'compass' is the component he is lacking.

    The idea of the compass being somehow representative of 'the rat race' or of a future in which everyone has a given role or track or route. The compass is software or implant or plug-in that dictated duties, and which the alien removes in order to 'live'.

    The space station as indicative of this pre-determined existence - a sort of massive railway station for drone-like commuters...