Saturday, 23 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Post OGR Influence Maps - Other Species

I've made two influence maps that are relating to the two other alien species I'm planning on designing. Although some of the images in the maps look a bit menacing, my aliens aren't going to be (the guards are obviously). After a discussion with Simon on Friday, I think I'm going to have alien species be variants of each other, sort of like bees. For bees there is a queen, workers, and drones so I'm planning on having a 'smart' race (my protagonist's race...influence map here), a strong race, and a sort of gangly race.

The strong race I imagine to be reddish brown in colour and be the construction workers, front line soldiers, mechanics, metal workers...anything that requires great strength and hardiness. The other species I imagine to be a sort of brown/yellow/green colour who have lanky limbs and a sort of stout torso. I think they would be the cleaners, farmers, and other basic services because they're not very smart or strong but they're careful with what they do. I'm also considering maybe the blue species are only all female while the red ones are all male and the green ones are a mix but I'm unsure (as I feel this might sound sexist in a way saying smart ones are girls and the strong ones are boys...but was just an idea considering it is a fictional world).

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