Friday, 8 April 2016

Autodesk Maya - Projection Mapping

I really struggled doing this but I think it could be because the house in my image is crooked and the camera is really low. Even though it's not finished, this is what has been done so far. I hope I get a chance to come back with a different image and give it another try.

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  1. Hi Deanna

    You would have struggled because there is camera lens distortion in your image. You need to correct that before starting projection mapping - otherwise nothing will work out. For example if you take a picture with a digital SLR camera you can take the image into Photoshop, go to Filter - lens correction, find your camera and lens and Photoshop will undo the distortion for you. Another thing to remember is that the camera (and camera technology) is playing a huge part in the image, for example lens type, focal length, angle of view, backplate (all in maya cameras too). If you didn;t take the picture then you have no idea what the settings were - it becomes guess work. We teach projection mapping in year 3.