Friday, 5 May 2017

Adaptation B: Dysmorphia Previs Versions 1, 2, & 3 (Feedback Appreciated)

In order to help me create a soundscape, I put together a quick previs using the playblasts I had made previously. I rearranged the order of my scenes a few times until I found an order I liked. I wanted to create a few versions of my previs using different transitions and orders to see my options. Version 1 and 2 have the same order of scenes, but Version 3 is slightly different. Version 1 has minimal cross dissolves/dip to black...the majority is just cutting from one scene to another. Version 2 has a combination of cuts, dissolves, and dip to blacks. 

Version 3 has a dip to black between each model until the final model, where I begin to use a few cross dissolves as there are three scenes of just this model. I feel the soundscape will be very different depending on which version I choose...personally I like the feel of Version 3 the most because it feels slightly more 'floaty' but in a way that I like...I feel it perhaps enhances the mystery and goes along with the 'stillness' I was aiming for. I also quite like Version 1 because it feels more 'raw' and less processed, but any feedback would be appreciated.


  1. for me, it's No 1 - because it's less poeticised. I think, if you were to create 'glitch' sounds or something similar that synch with the hard edits, or rather use sound to signal the edits somehow, then you'll find that the hard edits will blend and soften anyway. My advice would be to use your sound design to transition as opposed to dips to black or cross-dissolves - if that makes sense?

  2. also - and this is just a preference - I find the 'moving title' of dysmorphia a bit too 'trailer language' - I think a simple title that fades in/fades out - kept small and understated and 'stranded' in all the black - would suit things a little more. Again - that's not an instruction, but something to think about :)

    1. Yeah I started leaning towards 1 after I got some feedback from family and friends as well. And I'll experiment with the title more and see :) thanks for the feedback