Monday, 8 May 2017

Adaptation B: Testing out VFX - Light Rays & Depth of Field

After correcting some errors I found in my renders, I continued forward to test out some of the VFX that I experimented with previously including film grain, light rays, and depth of field. While I always add a tiny bit of film grain to my animations, I was unsure if I wanted to add light rays and depth of field to my final renders. I'm trying to not dress up my animation too much because I don't think it needs extra flash, it may actually take away from my animation, and if it's too much then it goes against the ideology that I've been trying to follow for the rest of my project.

I'm trying to have it be a pure representation so I'm unsure if these effects would actually retract from the point of it or not. So far I'm pretty sure I don't want the light rays (excluding possibly in some still images for myself when its just a single model) because it feels too flashy and doesn't match the mood of the soundscape. I'm 50/50 about the depth of field, part of me doesn't want it because I spent so much time working with these models then rendering them so I don't want to blur them out but that may make me biased. Any feedback would be appreciated.


  1. actually, the light rays work for me simply because they add a sense of space and environment, as opposed to detracting from anything - they help the space seem less 'Maya' and more 'true' - they don't seem flashy to me at all - they just seem photographic.

    1. Maybe I was just looking at it for too long and kept seeing them for what they were before I toned them down.