Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Traditional Sculpting Lessons

To help us better understand how to sculpt in software, we had lessons in traditional sculpting using Super Sculpey. We had to choose what to sculpt, find reference photos/orthographs, build a base, and use the clay to get the likeness of the character as much as possible. I found some images of Darth Maul from the live action film, the animated series Rebels, and the animated series Clone Wars. I was also lucky enough to find some orthographs of Darth Maul, which I combined to create a coloured version with a dark line that was easier to see. I really enjoyed these lessons, and I wish we had more of them. I think they were very useful because it shows that if you pull the geometry/clay in the direction of the muscles, you get much more realistic results.

I liked slowly building up my sculpture, although I admit I feel I worked very slowly on it as I was nervous about messing up. It was my first time sculpting traditionally, so it made me wary as I obviously can't just go back to a previous save or hit undo. I think I did an alright job building up the basic structure of the skull, although overall the sculpture is not nearly complete yet. I do feel it was very helpful, just like how traditional drawing and painting is useful for digital painting. I hope to continue my sculpture later on during the summer and possibly do more traditional sculptures in the future.

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