Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Adaptation B: Opening Scene w/ Light Rays Update

This scene has taken me quite a while to sort out and add light rays because it has all of the models being illuminated. I did not add a light ray for each model because when the rays overlap, it looks very odd so I hope that the ones that are added in now look relatively natural/good. Each ray has several layers and masks for the shadows of the model and to prevent the ray from going beyond the areas that it should on the floor. I think it's coming out alright other than a few spots that needs some timing adjustments, but I'd figure I'd post an update just in case something looks off. I'm next going to work on the closing scene as this also will take me a while since all of the models are in that shot and the lights change intensity as well. I'm hoping most of the other scenes won't take as long because there is no animation on how bright the lights are and some of them may not need any light rays if they are close up.

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