Monday, 1 May 2017

Adaptation B: Opening Scene Playblast & Title Test

I wanted to first sort out the opening scene, where each light would individually illuminate their corresponding model. I found that playblasting this would not work, as I could not see clearly what the lights were doing so I could not determine if the timing was right. So, in a separate file I made the quality low, applied lambert shaders the geometry, and made sure everything was out of smooth preview mode before rendering out the frames since I only cared about seeing what the lights were doing.

I'm quite happy with how the lights are working, I think for the rest of my playblasts I shouldn't need to fully render them out (excluding possibly the closing). I also decided to do a quick test for the title of the is similar to what I've done for Leviathan, but I like the style. I may experiment with something different, but that is for when I'm sure I have time to do so. I may also do some really rough storyboards I'm more organised and so I have a better idea of timing and what I want to do with my scenes.

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