Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Adaptation B: Scenes 2 & 3 Playblasts

I've begun making some playblasts of the camera moving around my models. The camera moves slowly, but that is what I want because I think if the camera moves too quickly it won't feel as eerie. I've been doing quick renders of the first and last frames to make sure there are no errors on the lights such as being able to see the lights behind the model that are producing the highlights. I need to do a few fully rendered stills so I can be sure that the resolution on my skin material is high enough for the individual scenes before I set the animation to batch render.

I'm happy with how these are turning out so far but I think I may want to blur any of the models in the distance for certain scenes. I plan on doing this in post production in After Effects along with my light rays. I have a tutorial I found a while ago that uses rotoscoping to imitate depth of field blurring that I think will work. If not, the camera doesn't do any drastic movements so if I needed to hand draw a mask and add blur I could since that's what I'm doing for the light rays too. I'm looking forward to being able to slice up these scenes and mix them together.

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