Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Argia Interior Idea

This sketch is a work in progress, my idea behind this interior sketch is that the citizens of Argia worship a goddess (sort of like a goddess of death/mourning). The people of Argia believe she will make the glowworms produce a brighter light if they please her. I was thinking that they surround her statue/shrine with bones and candles (maybe some gems/jewels found in the caves?) and possibly even sacrifice people to her. I also thought putting a few gargoyles might work, but this is a very rough sketch just to get an idea of what I might want it to look like and to get feedback since I didn't have many interesting interior shots.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dee, I think this is a promising idea, but the gargoyles and the skulls etc start to feel like a bit of style-creep to me - i.e. that suddenly things are becoming conventionally gothic and not so derived from any specific logic of your world. The belief system here - in the light of the glow worms - rather seems like an opportunity here to depart from all the doom and gloom doesn't it? Wouldn't the 'temple in praise of light' - be something quite different from the compressed, desolate world - just as churches represent a different kind of space from conventional places? I know I suggested you look at ossuaries in the first instance - but in terms of challenge, an interior space that has a contrary language might make for a more interesting trio? And even as your imagining the interior architecture of this space - don't forget to derive it from the same 'building' logic as your exteriors. This is, as you say, just a quick thumbnail, but beware any genericism creeping back in.