Sunday, 11 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Argia Silhouettes

After some feedback I tried to make some building silhouettes using the lasso tool and some transform tools. The top row is meant to be the more elaborate/important/higher class buildings while the lower row is more generic/lower in the hierarchy. I wanted the more important buildings to have sharper, narrower, more numerous spines while the less important buildings have wider, shorter, duller spikes.


  1. excellent - and No 4 is looking both 'rock form' and 'building' - and suitably stately. How about about another set of silhouettes beginning with a different basic rock form shape - so 'chunks' instead of spikes?

    And, while you're thinking about that, how about layering up a few compositions with these thumbnails, playing with scale etc. in Photoshop - think about making a few master shots.

    1. Thanks! I admit it took me a while to come up with these...I kept getting frustrated and deleting everything, but I definitely like 4 and I also like 5 and 6. I've started playing with a few composition pieces but I'll also plan on making some more silhouettes. I think I might need more buildings with less spikes/more chunks instead of spikes to keep it from being too chaotic but I'll see how it goes with the compositions I'm making and go from there.

  2. Taking on Phils advice, maybe check out those foliage, shrubby looking formations.,_Gibraltar.jpg

    Or perhaps the 'Giants Causeway' hexagonal stacks of rocks. Or you could perhaps reverse your towers. In caves things grow downwards as well as up, from minerals dripping and solidifying...