Monday, 5 October 2015

Digital Painting: Argia Composition

These are some digital paintings I've made today during/after our digital painting class. I really enjoyed experimenting with tilting the view and different ways of framing Argia. I think they came out well and will be adding colour to these at some point this week.


  1. These look lovely! The slight tilt works really well.

  2. Really like the first and third one - especially the third one. Looks very dark and sinister, like the mouth of a cave. And through the opening, you get a good shot of the city.

  3. Stunning thumbnails here. 1 is really hammering home the concept of Argia's compact and claustrophobic spaces. I can also see your rock formation studies seeping in. excellent stuff! though I say that all the designs are very coo. 5 Offers the city wide view and I just like the angle of 2 and the depth in there.

    1. Thanks! out of all of them I think 2 is my favourite but I was pretty happy with how they all turned out ^_^