Thursday, 29 October 2015

What If? Metropolis: Thumbnails #16-40 and More Ideas

As I made these silhouettes and read more about my artist, I had the idea of maybe surrounding the buildings or the whole city with a cage-like structure. Some of Richard Deacon's sculptures (such as 'After') reminds me of a long cage while some of his plastic and glass sculptures reminds me of Under the Dome. I also read in this interview from Tate that he actually suffered a little from anorexia in his youth, a disease that has made an impact on my life. He also describes an anxiety about his pieces falling apart in this interview.

With this new information, I had the idea of using his unique shapes and use of materials to try and create a city that looks like what anorexia/anxiety feels like. Keeping to his use of organic shapes, I have the idea of maybe making really frail, thin looking buildings that are held up with cage-like structures. These cage structures are meant to hold up the building since the people living in them fear that the structure will fail and crush them. They also isolate the city, making it separate from the outside world...this is also where I'm experimenting with the idea of putting a glass or plastic dome around the buildings, almost as though the citizens are afraid that the outside world will judge their use of supports and think they are silly.

It's just an idea, and it keeps changing. Anyway, here are some really rough thumbnails (not all relating to the idea described above, some just popped into my head).


  1. 34, 22 and 19 have some cool stuff going on :) and 21 haha

  2. so exciting, Dee! These leapt off the page!