Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Invisible Cities OGR

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  1. OGR 08/10/15

    Hey Dee,

    A cogent, considered OGR. You're clearly seeking to swerve some of the pitfalls presented by Argia and the idea of its inhabitants farming glowworms as a light source is a lovely bit of extended logic. I'm assuming then they'd be eating lots of these too?:

    Your BIG challenge, Dee, is to deal with Argia as a city with all the hierarchies so implied, both in terms of thinking about the 'master shot' but also about your choice of interior etc. Again, in the battle against 'blobs with lights', I want you to think now about the social structure of Argia; there would be a 'seat of power' - perhaps religious, perhaps Governmental, perhaps royal - or all of the above. These buildings/structures would be bigger, more impactful then other kinds of structures: it might be, for example, that the farmers of the glowworms are, in fact, highly esteemed in Argian society, because they bring light and life to this city of the dead. It might be that there is a great hall of the dead - part Cathedral, part tomb. In short, I want you to identify ways to even further move your designs away from stalagmites etc. (which arguably are the generic 'tower blocks' of your city) - or rather establish an architectural logic that aligns with the ways in which civilisations have always sought to prioritise or privilege particular buildings and their inhabitants. As you think about your role as concept artist, think about your role as properly speculative. Why are we looking at these spaces in particular? Why are you showing them to us... (the answer should be because we need you to imagine them for us, because they're special, signature and remarkable).

    Meanwhile, I thought you'd enjoy this: